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You can see the full text of my post "Parshat Balak" right here, since Israel Truth Times seems to have been tampered with, for now

Parshat Balak: Are Benedikt and Obama Bilaam and Balak's gilgulim? An old post revisited, with corrections and updates

 Here is the earlier version:

I think the general idea was correct, but the actors were wrong. The Torah and the Midrash tell us that Bilaam was a grandson of Lavan, and some say he was Lavan's gilgul. Lavan means WHITE. This pope is all white. Bilaam was from Babylon/ Aram Naharaim. Catholicism is a Babylonian religion. He was a great philosopher, just like this pope, and a great sorcerer, just like this pope. He hated Jews with a passion, just like this pope.

And Balak was half Moabite, half Midianite - just like this mulatto president; he was not of royal origin, in fact was a foreigner who was chosen to be king over Moab better to fight the Israelites - just like this president, who is NOT a natural American citizen, but was promoted out of the blue by secret supporters, Soros/ CFR types, and was chosen, it seems ultimately, so he could cause Am Yisrael more trouble; he also hates the Jews and Israel with a passion, actually just today invited Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian president to visit him in America. Balak was a great general; this Obama, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, can't stop running from one war to another. Barak's name has MOAB in it, and also Hussein, just like the present -day king of Moab, which is part of Jordan ( the other part is Eretz Yisrael, and Edom too). And just like Benedikt he is a sorcerer in his own right, he knows how to mesmerize crowds and charm people through words and lies.

Together Bilaam and Balak hoped to curse Israel, but failed.

At the end Bilaam perished; however he managed to advise Balak to get Midianite - black - women - to entice the Israelites to worship their foreign gods. In that they succeeded. As a result 24,000 Jews died in a plague until Pinchas came along....End of story next parsha.

Here is a dialogue I had with Dov-Bear Bar Leib about Balak-Balaam, and their gilgulim.

 me: What I see is with Clinton coming, the Medinah is upping the ante against us.
 Dov:  Have you checked the Euro lately?
You should.  It is at an all time low
 me:  OK. you write about the Euro, I write about the developments.
Trying to deJudaize Israel some more
More Falash Mura brought in
Exam in the schools full of Catholicism
The fence
The assault against Judaism is all out once more, just worse
 Dov:  The developments will mean nothing if the Euro collapses.  There are 14 days of Nekorot and nine days of Tohu.
 me:  What is Nekorot?
How could it mean nothing? Since when do they care?
 Dov:  Nekorot are the slams of a battering ram on the keilim that make up the world of sheker.  The battering ram entered the city on Friday afternoon.
The city of spiritual Rome has been breached.  Watch the battering ram at work until Rosh Chodesh.  The Euro is at 1.226 as we speak.
 me:  How would you know that the city of spiritual Rome has been breached?
 Dov:  because of a conversation that I am going to have with Rav Winston tonight.
in about ten minutes
 me:  Going to have???
 Dov:  We had the same conversation about 5 years ago.  I just need to clarify some matters.
Nekorot is from the shoresh to gouge or to peck
The woodpecker pecks away at the tree.  It finally breaches the hard outer layer and the wood underneath is soft.
 me:  Yes. OK, so the battering ram battered Yerushalayim, right?
 Dov:  on the 17th
 me:  But now you are saying Rome is being battered. What is the evidence to that?
 Dov:  The Euro fell below 1.23.  It is at an all time low.
 me: So what does THAT have to do with the angel of Esav, Samael?
You are saying he is being beaten as of today
 Dov:  The Euro is the Ayin ra
 Dov:  It is the essence of the Ayin Ra.
 me:  Again, that is YOUR interpretation. Very nice, but who is to say true????
 Dov:  Something I figured out 14 years ago.  When I was learning a peirush on the last currency of Edom will be the currency of the Ayin Ra.  And Euro is roshei hateivot for Ayin Ra.
I checked it out with the Skulier Rebbe years ago.  He was maskim.
 me:  Anyway , first of all there is no proof it is the last currency of Edom! The British pound is still standing too. And so is the dollar
  me:  And the DOLLAR has the AYIN on it, NOT the Euro.
Actually I was reading about Parshat Balak yesterday. Very connected to the all-seeing eye on the dollar.
 Dov:  The Euro is the last one to be introduced.
When I said last i mean the last currency to be introduced into Edom
  Dov:  The other currencies are much older.
 me:  Not the last currency to fall???
 Dov:  nope not necessarily.
 me:  There could be more, who is to say
And the dollar does have a strong connection to the Ayin Ra, and it is not falling yet, not quite yet
 Dov:  It represents that ancient alliance between Germany and the Catholic Church, one of your favorite topics
 me:  What, the Euro, or the dollar?
 Dov:  the Euro
 me:  How is that?
 Dov:  It unifies The Deutschmark with the other currencies in Europe including the Italian Lira which was the currency of the Vatican.
 Dov:  And the Talmud says that when there is unity between a united Germany and The Vatican, Amalek goes forth to destroy the world.
 me:  Agreed about that. And they are. Now.
But who is to say they are stopping because of your theory about the Ayin Ra???
 Dov:  correct.  Rome now has a German pope and an Italian central banker.
stopping what?
 me:  It has everything to do with Parshat Balak. I wrote a post a couple of years ago.
Will continue this thread in a minute,
You say that the spiritual wall of Rome has been breached,
  Stopping to destroy the world because they are being destroyed.
That is a strong statement you are making. With very flimsy evidence, sorry to say
 Dov:  yes, it is broken.  Now that the Euro has broken the 1.23 barrier, it is becoming a joke.  ok, we will see better over the next couple of days.  It will become clearer then.
 me:  But what I was about to tell you, and I am repeating that - you see I pull old rabbits out of hats too -
  I believe that Bilaam and Balak are being reincarnated today. Just like Bilaam was the gilgul of Lavan, today the gilgul of Bilaam is Benedikt, as white as they come, a sorcerer, the babylonian sorcerer. And Balak is reincarnated - the half Moabite half Midianite who wasn't even Moab's citizen but they made him king anyway to destroy Israel, the other magician, with the name OBAMA, from MOAB, is BALAK _ BARAK, with Hussein for good measure, just as proof. They have made an alliance to destroy Israel, getting the other nations to join them, using magic, trying to sever our connection to Hashem in so many ways, inducing us to immorality, wanting to reduce our numbers, all the wishes of Balak and Bilaam.
Will it end like Bilaam and Balak? Benedikt is the philosopher, the brilliant writer, the visionary, with the evil eye.
Balak is the king with the armies
the general of generals
So just during Parshat Balak they are intensifying the attack, with Clinton coming here, introducing Xtianity in schools, removing Jews from holy places, etc. Surprised they don't have a love parade right in the middle of Jerusalem with naked people everywhere. 

 Dov:  We will likely see shvirat hakeilim until the end of Tamuz now.  So by Rosh Chodesh Av, pray that all these annoyances will be mute.  Let us wait and see.  We will have a better idea over the next couple of days.
 me:What do you mean by seeing Shvirat hakeilim?
 Dov:  Benedikt is Bilaam and who is Balak?
 me:  OBAMA of MOAB, same letters. With the name Hussein for good measure, just in case we didn't notice his connection to the Land of Moab/ Jordan
 Dov:  wow.  even has the same letters
 me:  Yes. And Balak was half Moabite, half MIDIANITE! Same color as Barak
And, Barak - Balak, same letters almost
Clear alliance between those two.
Barak and Benedikt
 Dov:  yes, etymologically, Barack and Balak are the same.
 me:  Both names Barak and Benedikt, start with B too.
And Benedikt is very LAVAN, with Babylonian religion. Bilaam was from Aram Naharaim, the grandson of Lavan, they say, and/ or his gilgul. I say he is the gilgul of Lavan and Bilaam
While Barak is the gilgul of Balak
Both sorcerers, Bilaam great philosopher, just like this pope, but for evil. Both hate the Jews with a passion and want to destroy us, have a strong alliance.
And the Ayin Ra prominently displayed. Just like with the Euro, the dollar. But Bilaam is the prophet with the seeing open eye
Ayin Ra as you say
 Dov:  The dollar is a bit different.  America at its core has a covenant with G-d to build Olam HaZeh
 me: OK, fine, but meanwhile you are mentioning the Ayin Ra,. and Bilaam is all about Ayin Ra
 Dov:  to serve Him to the 33rd level in order to prosper.
America is the Golden Calf not the Evil Eye
 me:  OK, but on the dollar bill, which is NOT America, remember, it is the Federal Reserve, which is from the Vatican
The bankers are all connected to Rome, and the dollar bill is a Federal Reserve note
 Dov:  America will be destroyed on the 17th of Tamuz in the future.  It is possible that the Euro will be destroyed this year.
 me:  You don't get what I am saying
 Dov:  yes, I read about the Federal Reserve being under Vatican control
 me:  I am saying that this Parsha is connected to the Ayin Ra. just as you mentioned the Ayin Ra and the Euro in current events.
And that those two are connected to these events through the Parsha too
 Dov:  yes, I can see how Obama might be Balak.  That seems possible.
 me:  Obama and Benedikt. You see the Euro falling,
So just as they failed in parshat Balak, they seem to be failing too, as you imply
Dov: Yes, they will fail by Tisha B'Av.  It will all backfire.
Obama will survive this for now.  The Euro will not
 me:  Just like Balak survived but not Bilaam
  me:  And Balak brought the Midianite women to seduce Am Yisrael and win. What will Barak pull out of his hat? Gay men?
  me:  I know! Midianite women! Naked black Sudanese in Tel-Aviv  brothels, etc!
To seduce Jewish men
Just like Athens is full of Nigerian prostitutes, now we will have the Eritrean prostitutes in the streets of Israel, who will entice the Jewish men to worship their gods. What do you say?
Even better;
Who will fall for it?
 Dov:  It is amazing that somehow we survive through all this,  for all intents and purposes we should not be here.  This is why, I say when all looks lost like it does right now, and Barry Chamish sees checkmate, this is when the yeshua occurs.
 Dov:  The Sudanese have served one big purpose.  Non-Erev Rav Jews in Tel Aviv can now look with disgust at their Erev Rav masters who tell them to simply be tolerant of the invasion.
It has served its purpose.
  me:  Yes. But isn't it amazing that just during this parsha they speak about bringing Falash Mura, black non-Jews, to MINGLE with Jews, not just Sudanese who are clearly foreigners. They want to pull a ploy. and pass these schwarzes as Jews, so real Jews will mingle with them!
Falash Mura are converted Ethiopian Jews, they are NOT Jewish
 Dov:  The Ethiopian Jews themselves know that the Falash Mura in many cases may not be Jews.  I remember this story from years ago.
 me:  The Sudanese ploy didn't work, so now they are bringing the Falash Mura; many Israelis like black women, and if they think Ethiopian they think Jewish.
 Dov:  We have been through this before.  We have 200,000 Russian goyim here?
 me:  Exactly. Anything to dilute Judaism. But here there is deception too. Most Israelis I don't believe know that the Falash Mura are goyim, do they?
So many will intermarry, or just sleep with the girls,
the Midianite episode all over, complete with black women
The question is, will we have a Zimri here?
And, the question is, WHEN do they intend to bring them? they said it would be over by 2014. But when do they plan to begin?
With Clinton coming, I have a feeling it will be right away. This must be part of the plan 'suggested ' by Barak/ Balak, plan HATCHED in ROME by Bilaam the sorcerer.
  Dov:  Well all seems lost.  But G-d is quicker.  The incompetents here are not running the show.  He is about to unseat the inmates running the asylum.  I am going to give this the three weeks that it deserves.  And then we will banter either about a hidden miracle or the destruction of the state.Plus many Falash Mura are Marranos.  The problem is that they are mixed in with those who are not.
 me:  Yes. True.
There are quite a few Ethiopian goyim in the mix
Will the rabbis expose this? Will they force them to convert to be accepted as Jews?
And how many of those conversions will be sincere? Or are we just going to add Erev Rav layer upon Erev Rav layer???
 Dov:  Sit back and reflect.  At the turn of the 1900s there were about 100,000 Jews here.  Now there are about 6 million.  We are coming from a tumultuous exile of so many parts and countries.  Somehow G-d is keeping track.  Anyway good night for now.
 me:  Good night.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sea of Galilee is Dead - A victim of Peace


by Barry Chamish

There are no more fish in the Sea of Galilee. After time immemorial, the historic lake is now ecologically dead, forever. RIP Peace.

The Sea of Galilee is known for its tempestuous storms and thriving fishing industry. But life there is changing with less rain and almost no fish left.

The lowest in the world and Israel’s only freshwater lake, the Sea of Galilee is fed by the Jordan River and supplies much of the region’s water. Famously the site for many of Jesus’ sermons, it also has a long fishing history. In the first century, the historian Flavius Josephus wrote that 230 fishing boats thrived on the lake. Twenty centuries later, the lake is at risk of being emptied of all its fish. This news just in from the Jerusalem Post.The Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry has issued temporary fishing licenses to fishermen in order to buy time. In between now and February 28, 2011, when the licenses will expire, the Knesset economic committee must decide what to do about the unprecedented low fish stock levels. In just one decade, fish stocks dropped by almost 2,000 tonnes from 2,144 in 1999 to just 156.8 in 2009. Apart from impacting on the livelihood of local fishermen, which is serious enough, what are the ecological effects of an over-fished lake? Last year a fishing ban was put in place in order to increase fish stock. It remains to be seen whether similar action will be taken this year. Compounding the lake’s ecological health are low water levels, presently at their lowest ever. Although last year between March and June the lake levels were above the “red line” – below which levels are thought to be particularly bad – lack of rain has kept levels devastatingly low. This despite efforts to cut back on the amount of water pumped out of the lake, last year, Lake Kinneret only received, on average, 60% of its annual rainfall.

Just before I was forced to leave Israel, some seven years ago, I took my son on what I thought would be an unforgettable childhood memory. An admirer of my writing owned a rare treasure in Israel, a fishing powerboat, and he invited my son and me on a trip of nearly a lifetime. With worms we dug from cow manure the day before in hand, at 3:00 AM, we launched the craft in the west of Lake Kinneret, for a water trip to fishing paradise. It was a dark, spooky ride along the coast, passing such ghost sites invisible from land, as a 19th century sunken riverboat, until we reached the vast reeds of the Jordan River outlet. There, in the encompassing, scary darkness, I hooked the worms and released our lines.

But, there were no bites. Just occasional snags.

No fishing explanation.

As the sun rose, we were in the northern Jordan River delta, a place I knew well from the past. During the 1980's, I wrote offbeat stories for an influential monthly called, The Israel Digest. One story, which received massive international reprints, was about my day with licensed Galilee fishermen. Actually it was OUR day; accompanying me was my girlfriend of the era, Shirley Schwartz, who shot lovely photos of the adventure. They sold half the reprints of fishermen hauling in their boats, hundreds of pounds of large, squirming Galilee fish, many, just hours later, frying above the charcoals of really tasty Tiberius sidewalk cafes. This was then, Sea of Galilee reality.

Today, they must import their fish.

My fishing day ended with one crummy fish. I did everything right; right bait, right place, right time. I failed before my son. What did I do wrong? The fish were dead, is what I did wrong. They were not to be caught, is what I did wrong.

Generations have carried on this tradition, and today the most popular fish in the lake is dubbed St. Peter’s Fish, or Tilapia. But after being almost overfished to death, in the coming six weeks the Israeli government will gradually enforce a total ban on fishing in the biblical lake an effort to bring it back to life. The new, two-year ban will force some 200 licensed fishermen out of the Sea of Galilee in search of a new trade.“We will support the fishermen and make sure the lake is restocked with fish,” Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said when announcing the ban after his weekly cabinet meeting. The Sea of Galilee has witnessed a dramatic decline in fish, largely due to illegal practices such as catching breeding fish and preventing fish populations from growing. Millions of hungry migratory birds also feed heavily on the fish...“In most Mediterranean countries, fishing is banned during the summer time and this allows the fish to breed and to grow,” says Prof. Goren. “Here in Israel we don’t have any regulation of this kind right now. So the fishermen fish all year round and they don’t give the fish any chance. They remove the mothers while they are small before they get to maturity and that is it.”

Again, the fishermen get the blame for the disappearance of close to all fish life in Lake Kinneret. There were likely far more fishermen in biblical times than anytime in the past ten years when fish stocks dropped from typical to nearly non-existent. THEY ARE NOT THE CAUSE OF THE SEA OF GALILEE'S DEATH! A combination of global warning and "peace" is. As for the drought coinciding with "peace," darn the timing or it was divine intervention. Choose whatever you feel comfortable with. The core fact is, the Sea Of Galilee was doomed anyway by peace.

I knew that way back in '94 when I interviewed the water negotiator for the Israel-Jordan peace accord:

The truth is that the Kinneret is drying up from the activities of the "peacemakers." I should know. In 1994, I interviewed the chief Israeli negotiator of the Water Treaty between Jordan and Israel. Back then I was the Israeli correspondent for a London company called the Gemini News Service. Thanks to them, my work was published widely throughout Third World newspapers. I noticed a newspaper quote about the water negotiations from Yaacov Tsemach of the national water company, Tahal. It caught my eye because a Yaacov Tsemach was my really good, longtime army buddy. I admired his sharp wit and, a rarity among Israelis, great sense of humor. So I called Tahal and to my total delight, it was my buddy on the line.

We arranged to meet and got along like old times. He was assistant to the chief negotiator of the water sections of the then-building, Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty. I asked if I could interview the negotiator and he said he'd put in a good word for me. Well, a good word from Yaacov did the trick. If I agreed to keep the negotiator's name anonymous, he would meet with me within the week.

We met at a Tel Aviv restaurant and he began, like all good bureaucrats, handing me graphs and surveys. In retrospect, I've wondered why I brought out so many sources, but the truth must be, the rest of the media were selling "peace" and I was looking where they chose not to enter. The bar graphs showed a lot of blue above the "red" line of the lake over 30 odd years before the Treaty, then it sunk after the proposed "peace" agreement. I, naturally, asked what happened.

The negotiator ordered a drink, then shortly after, another. And he became teary.

"I sure hope our leaders know what they're doing," he said. "Because if they're wrong, the Kinneret will disappear in a generation. Within twenty years, it will be nearly useless for our water needs."

I asked what he meant. He then gave me the title of my Gemini article, "Giving Away Dream Water."

"The government is going to give away 50 million cubic meters of lake water a year and they ordered me to find it. I'm giving away dream water."

The negotiator told me where he went looking for the water. "There are brackish streams on the west of the lake. We'll give that away. We'll dam the Yarmuk and give that water away."

By a natural near-miracle, the Golan Heights' snow melt in March, fill the Jordan River, Hula Lake and the Sea of Galilee with sufficient clean water to last until next Spring. But in the 1950's, Israel, all but completely, drained her second largest lake, the Hula, mostly to plant a few more avocado groves. The country got a few more avocados and endlessly more methane fires, rat infestations, and ecological devastation from the dead lakebed.

Water, that used to be filtered of bacterial disease and infections by Lake Hula, poured straight into the Kinneret, some 300 ft, below sea level, and via the southern exit of the Jordan River, polluted the Dead Sea, some 100 ft. below sea level. The result for the Dead Sea, at least partly, was an environmental breakdown.

Before we get the cold, hard facts, another disturbing story; the lost tragedy of Israel's third biggest lake, Agam Baruch.

Situated just below Mount Megiddo in the Jezreel Valley, there once was a significant lake formed by damming the source of the Kishon River. I discovered it during an army training exercise in 1980. Soonafter, I turned it into a beloved fishing and camping spot for over two decades. Oh, the stories I won't tell...but the fishing was just as good.

In 2004, I returned with my son for a weekend of fishing and camping and what did we find? The lake, from one end to the other, was covered in belly-up white. All the fish had been poisoned. The big, the small, the tilapia, the eels, the catfish, the carp, were all dead.

We returned in 2005, me anyway, hoping the lake had recovered, and found the lake was drained, now a puddle, not even a lagoon. Yet fishermen surrounded the puddle, throwing in their hooks, with not a fish anymore alive.

I never discovered if the lake was killed by terrorism or by accident, but Israel's third largest freshwater body, like its second, the Hula, is gone forever. Now look at how nearby pollution is killing the Sea of Galilee.


As if the regional water scarcity wasn’t bad enough already, Israel will soon begin compensating Jordan with freshwater after oil waste and sewage contaminated the shared Yarmouk River water supply. After detecting pollution from the Israeli side of the river last week, the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation suspended pumping from the King Abdullah Canal, which supplies Amman with one-third of its total water demand. The ministry also filed an official complaint against the Israeli government, claming a violation of Jordan’s 1994 peace treaty with Israel. According to the agreement, Jordan receives 60,000 cubic meters of water daily from Israel’s Lake Kinneret during the month of March. Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) Secretary General Musa Jamaani said Israel will pump up to 180,000 cubic meters from the Kinneret to Jordan, and will pump another 50-60,000 cubic meters this summer.

Mr. Jamaani also indicated that, although the relevant authorities will take steps to prevent similar incidents in the future, there are no safety guarantees. He said, “If it reoccurs, we will close down the waterways and get our compensation. If Israel is fine with supplying us extra water in return for what it pollutes, it’s up to them… the pressure is on them rather than on us.”

So here is how the Sea of Galilee ecologically works. It is surrounded by salt streams. It does not become the Dead Sea because, unlike it, it has an exit, the south end of the Jordan River, flowing well over a thousand feet down in a hundred miles to the lowest spot on earth, the Dead Sea. But if the Sea of Galilee loses too much freshwater, the salt streams win, turning the lake too briny and saline to support life. This level is called the Black Line, and once breached, the lake is killed FOREVER.

Israel is compensating Jordan for the water it polluted at a rate that falls far below the Sea of Galilee's Black Line. The issue, not discussed here, is WHY Israel gave away its water to Jordan, not to mention the Palestinians (23,000 thousand c/meters/yr), for "peace" treaties. Is Israel sovereign or not? Now look what Jordan did with the polluted Yarmuk River water? Did it ship it to water treatment facilities? Of course not;

He also assured the public that none of the contaminated water was pumped to consumers. Instead, the polluted waters were discarded into valleys that pour into the Jordan River, which flows to the Dead Sea. To me this is still a cause of concern, however, because the Jordan River is already extremely polluted, and the Dead Sea is a fragile, shrinking ecosystem.

Add to this:

Another cause for concern is that Israel will be pumping even more water out of the Kinneret. As further evidence of the severity of Israel’s water crisis, the water level of the Kinneret is at an all-time low. This past summer, the level reached the black line, where pumping the water can cause permanent danger to the entire lake. So is it really a feasible solution for Israel to promise Jordan more water from the Kinneret, especially during the hot summer months? And if Israel can’t provide the water it promised, how will this impact Jordan, whose own water crisis is even more severe?

And me concluding:

It is 2002. I had given a lecture on the real Rabin assassination at a Golan Heights village. On the way home, I stopped at an eastern Kinneret kibbutz and threw in my line below the pier which once held its fishing boats. It soared 15 feet above me and the ancient and recent lake level. From what I had learned in my profession, I thought, this lake is doomed. Knowing not how climate change and resulting drought will hurry the process along, I knew that draining the Sea of Galilee for peace had already murdered it.

And now it's gone, ecologically, for good.


And now see the lies the media spread. The truth you have just read:

Monday, June 6, 2011

TIME FOR PROTESTS! Let me get this straight: WE are being charged huge amounts for water, just so Mekorot can sell water to Jordan. Don't you call this A SECRET WATER TAX? We are being bled dry so somebody can make tons of money; who is it : Mekorot, or the state?

Jordan Secretly Buying Israeli Water

Sivan 4, 5771, 06 June 11 12:24
by Hillel Fendel
( A Jordanian newspaper reports that Jordan is negotiating with Israel, and not for the first time, for the purchase of water from the Sea of Galilee. So reports Voice of Israel.

The newspaper, Al Arb al Yum, quotes a source in Jordan’s Water Authority to the effect that Jordan secretly bought two million cubic meters of water from Israel last year. 

Northern Jordan, which borders Israel around the area of the Galilee sea (the Kinneret), is suffering from a grave water shortage.
Israel’s Kinneret Sea, the country’s largest reservoir and its best measure of water supply, currently stands at 212.38 meters below sea level – about 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) lower than its maximum level. However, it is currently at its highest level for this time of year since 2008. A graph of past Kinneret levels shows that the lake last reached its maximum capacity in early 2004. It then began a downward spiral for several years, which ended and reversed itself somewhat in early 2009.
The Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty of 1994 specifies that Israel is to transfer to Jordan 50 million cubic meters of water annually from the northern part of the country.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Raping the Land..... WHO gave them permission? And WHO will stop them? Chanukah Sameach.

Day after day after day, month after month, year after year, Arabs dig deep into our ground, taking out our most beautiful limestone, our precious white or pink Jerusalem stone that adorns the most elegant buildings worldwide, and sell it to the highest bidders everywhere, thereby enriching themselves at our expense; Jerusalem stone is a highly prized commodity which belongs to the Jewish People, as bequeathed by G-d Himself. Remember, we received the WHOLE LAND: not just above ground, but below ground as well!

So, little by little, our beautiful limestone is being depleted, not to mention the horrendous environmental disaster produced by their careless, loveless plunder.

What else is being depleted? We already mentioned water. What about gas? What about oil being discovered as we speak? WHO will benefit the most? Is it Am Yisrael, or will it be greedy foreigners and their traitorous partners in Israel?

Do you remember that Lebanon is part of Eretz Yisrael? That Jordan is part of Eretz Yisrael? WHO gave those nations permission to rape our Land? Shall we remain silent as our eternal inheritance is being robbed, plundered, stolen, and sold to willing buyers? Do you realize that simply buying Jerusalem stone makes you an unwitting partner in the crime of rape of the Holy Land?

This only scratches the surface of the problem. More to come later.

Chanukah Sameach


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tefillat Hageshem: Prayer for Rain

Today was Shemini Atzeret, the last day of our month-long holiday season ( combined in Israel with Simchat Torah, while in the Galut an extra day is added for Simchat Torah - I don't like the dichotomy, but that is another story). On that day, Jews the world over pray for rain: rain for the Land of Israel, rain that is so scarce at times that the ground is parched.....we pray for God to open His stores of bounty for His people.

So here is the text of the prayer we said today in the synagogue, in Hebrew, in front of the opened Ark. May God listen to our prayers and grant us plentiful rain this year: we really, really need it!

"Tefilat Geshem" - The Prayer for Rain

( from ArtScroll Sukkot Machzor)

"Af-Bri is designated as the name of the angel of rain; to thicken and to form clouds, to empty them and to cause rain.

Water with which to crown the valley's vegetation may it not be withheld because of our unredeemed debt.

In the merit of the faithful Patriarchs protect the ones who pray for rain.

Blessed are You, HASHEM, Shield of Abraham.
You are eternally mighty, my Lord, the Resuscitator of the dead are You; abundantly able to save.

May He obligate [the Angel Af-Bri] to give us portions of the segregated rain, to soften the wasteland's face when it is dry as rock.

With water You symbolized Your might in Scripture, to soothe with its drops those in whom was blown a soul, to keep alive the ones who recall the strengths of the rain."

G-d is implored to provide healthful rain to us in the merit of our forefathers and other great leaders of Israel, in connection with whom water-related verses are cited:

"Our God and the God of our forefathers:

Remember the Patriarch [Abraham], who was drawn behind You like water. You blessed him like a tree replanted alongside streams of water. You shielded him, You rescued him from fire and from water. You tested him when he sowed upon all waters.

  For his sake, do not hold water back!

Remember the one [Isaac] born with the tidings of, 'Let some water be brought. ' You told his father to slaughter him - to spill his blood like, water. He too was scrupulous to pour his heart like water. He dug and discovered wells of water.

  For the sake of his righteousness, grant abundant water!

Remember the one [Jacob] who carried his staff
and crossed the Jordan's water.
He dedicated his heart and rolled a stone
off the mouth of a well of water,
as when he was wrestled by an angel composed of fire and water.
Therefore You pledged to remain with him through fire and water.

  For his sake, do not hold water back!

Remember the one [Moses] drawn forth in a bulrush basket from the water. They said, 'He drew water and provided the sheep with water.' At the time Your treasured people thirsted for water, he struck the rock and out came water.

  For the sake of his righteousness, grant abundant water!

Remember the appointee [Aaron] over the Temple, who made five immersions in the water. He went to cleanse his hands through sanctification with water. He called out and sprinkled [blood bringing] purity as with water. He remained apart from a people of waterlike impetuosity.

 For his sake, do not hold water back!

Remember the twelve tribes You caused
to cross through the split waters,
for whom You sweetened the water's bitter taste.
Their offspring whose blood was spilt for You like water.
Turn to us - for woes engulf our souls like water.

  For the sake of their righteousness, grant abundant water!

For You are HASHEM, our God,

Who makes the wind blow and makes the rain descend.

For blessing and not for curse.
  For life and not for death.
  For plenty and not for scarcity.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Water: in Israel it is always our problem; but it is a man-made problem, created by thieving marauders and a government more concerned about its coffers than about its people....

  If you do a search on ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES with the word 'water', you will find many articles devoted to this topic.

Here are the first and last articles about water, reprinted on Beautiful Garden of Petach Gan Eden.


Water: finally some action. B"H! And thank you, MK Uzi Landau.

Pirate Arab Water Connections Detached

Elul 19, 5770, 29 August 10 03:28
by Hillel Fendel
( Over 200 Arab pirate connections to Israel’s main water lines, siphoning off water to PA Arabs who do not pay, have been detached in a joint police-Mekorot action.
Mekorot Water Company workers, under close police protection, have completed an operation disconnecting 230 pirate Arab connections to Israel’s main water lines. The connections siphoned off much-needed water for the benefit of Palestinian Authority Arabs, who thus avoided paying for the commodity.
In addition, the IDF’s Judea Region destroyed several small reservoirs in which stolen water was gathered in the Kiryat Arba-Hevron region.
On yet another front in the war against water thieves, police have begun laying ambushes, making several arrests and confiscating over 85,000 meters (53 miles) of piping used to pipe the stolen H2O to Arab fields and homes.
Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau, who gave the order to take a stronger hand against the water thefts, expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation among the various bodies. “We plan to continue working to stop all water piracy, which affects the lives of all residents in the region," he added.
Residents of Kiryat Arba and neighboring communities, and Arabs as well, have suffered from lack of water in their faucets on numerous occasions, especially on especially hot days. The army has been frequently forced to deliver water to the towns. It has also been noticed, at the same time, that Arab fields along the roads of Judea appear to be extra green and thriving.
“Water theft is a grave phenomenon,” Landau said, “and it most manifest in Judea and Samaria. We have to deal with it seriously, especially in a country like ours where water is so precious.”
In a related item, the level of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Israel’s main water reservoir, is in the midst of its customary summer drop. It now stands at approximately 213.5 meters below sea level – slightly more than half a meter higher than it was last year at this time. However, it is also a half-meter below the level beyond which authorities strive not to let it drop.


We have been publicizing and complaining about this issue for over two years now

even taking pictures of green fields of the Arabs in Bet-Omar in the midst of severe drought two years ago...

It is nice to know that somebody is finally listening, and realizing what a devastating impact tolerance of this water robbery is having on Jewish life in Israel.